hi to all we are in Evasion distribuitor of newlacecu in Uruguay today we have whit us vanessa she will say us about her hair system we are in our another one interwiev whit a our client so you can know about hair system hi my name is vanessa i'm 27 year and i have alopecia from 10 years i lost all my hairs and i begun to use wig in begin i usa a sintetic wig so then i bought a wig of human hairs but it was of another company and it was not good i was not good whit it it was unconfortable it was not invisible to me it was a war i'm not happy whit it so i changed wig a new wig i went in internet and meet Evasion and Newlacecu i had no idea about modern hair system i was not expert

i lost 3 times all hairs and every time i used whit now i saw these new hair systems i was not expert Evasion istalled me a hair system totally different from a wig and now i m feeling super it's a month i'm using the newlacecu hair system and i feel super now i can wash hairs, go to beach comb how i want all is very good and do you use all day? it's all good and i can wear how i prefer and it's confortable and easy and do you use it 24 hours?? i use it all daysome time i sleep whit it and it's very confortable and i can not feel the base it's super confortable you can use it 24 hours it is strong and invisible it's important people know it , your friend know are you using a hair syste so good how i said i use it all day i wash it how my hairs and some people know i use it and say me it's super natural

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that they are my hairs it's very important you feel so cause how you feel so people feel you what are you saing me of last week? yes i meet some parentes of my husband and they did know you had alopecia? yes they didand now when saw me whit new hairs said me wonderful!!! all people shocked about the naturality all impacted from the diffetence now hairs are super natural i'm super happy it's so natural, so beautiful in this days you are working so you asked help from bps(national assistence in Uruguay) yes i did know about bps i knew when i come here and you said me of this help and whit areata i can have this money to pay the hair system it's very good cause it can help people that has not money to buy a hair system it's important cause a lot of people do not know of it and it can help them to recive a free hair system vanessa would you recommend newlacecu and evasion? yes of course the hair system is wonderful and natural know i feel good i feel super natural and happy i feel good using this hair system now i'm peacefuland i feel beautiful when i see me thank you very much to belive in us and try our hair system and we say we change the head but the changes begin in soul cause when one person feel good he will appear nice all people man, woman children we know how alopecia cause a impact in all lives you are so young and must feel good and have this solution can take away stress and help cause the hair system can you let feel good and then could come the hairs naturally cause areata can also have a total remission when the person feel good you have had a lot of time hairs and not hairs now have a good hair system can help your feeling and help also to cure your areata you could have again your natural hairs so thank you and we are here to help you i want say a thing Vanessa said that is a month she is using Newlacecu hair system the system we put today to vanessa has in up a ilace so to have a natural hair line it's impossible one can detect it no one could say it's a hair system

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