Asesinan a ‘La Nana Pelucas’ vloguera y detractora de la corrupción en Guerrero

They kill 'La Nana Pelucas' vloguera and detractor of corruption in Guerrero The Vloguera Pamika Montenegro known in networks with her character La Nana Pelucas, was shot dead on Monday afternoon in her business, a restaurant located in the Costa Azul subdivision, when a subject shot her at point blank range several times So far the ministerial authority has not given official information on the case, and at the moment the Prosecutor's staff and experts are carrying out the corresponding procedures in the place of the events, where personnel of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) carried out the body lift Pamika was a young communicologist who liked to create videos with her character "La Nana Pelucas", where she criticized and interviewed several characters from the political and social life of the port of Acapulco, also was part of the Club of Journalists of Guerrero A

Source: Youtube

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