No, I mean look at this hair, guys Hi girls and boys~ How are you doing today? I hope you're doing super~ super~ SUUUPER GOOD TODAY!! As you saw in the title, today we're gonna try different wigs from wish This is my first time getting wigs from wish I had 3 wigs in my life and they were all given to me by brands

I have never felt good in wigs, Because it looks very unnatural But today I'll be trying out wigs, and they were pretty cheap actually I wanna test them out If this video gets more than 70,000 likes, we're gonna do the 2nd version of this video, BUT I'm gonna compare cheap wigs with expensive wigs Before I start the video, let me introduce myself, my name is Clau! and this is my channel! I'm like a ninja

Subscribe to my channel with this button right here! Click it to subscribe! If you're already subscribe, don't forget to turn on the notification bell on You all know this part, right? Now let's start! Okay, let's see I've watch a video of a person from northern america She was taking out wigs from boxes and I was like

Because I got them too I'm gonna throw them in the air This one The first wig I'm gonna try is this one

I'm gonna leave the image right here Actually, it looks pretty nice! Look The good quality wigs usually have these strands of hair On this part where the hair starts It looks real

It has a little strands of the bang here It's a pass I'm gonna try this on with a pin Usually wigs come with this thing that holds your real hair still It's like a bandage

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I'm gonna tie my hair first It's like this I'm gonna put this on like in the picture I'm gonna cut this off and come back Hey, now I cut this thing off

Now let's try this thing What's this? Wait It doesn't look anything like It looked really nice in the picture And it looks like a alien head on me When I saw this, I was like I thought it was a good quality

But loot at this What do you think? Give ma a rate from 1 to 10 in the comments For each hair I would give this It's not that bad, it'd give it a 5 This is another wig, it's black I wanted to see how I'd look in a short hair like this This is not like the other ones, it's just so so But

The line looks okay They put on like the skin color Let's do this This wig is really

I pranked Jason with a wig similar to this You have to check that out Right now! It doesn't look that bad I wanted to see myself with short hair

I don't think that it's that great What do you guuys think? Should I cut my hair? I'd give this a 6 It's not that bad or that good I always wanted to have a blond hair Let's see

This wig is really pretty~ This is the picture It looks the same!~ Wow This wig surprised me! The quality is great! It looks real! It doesn't fit but it's okay What do you think? Should I cut my hair and dye it blond? I'm gonna leave the links below

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This part doesn't look real But The other parts are I like it! I'm gonna put on a hat to cover this part What do you think? Claudia with a blond hair If you see me with a blond hair one day, it's because of this wig I'd give this wig a 8 It's not perfect because of this thing here But other than that, it's perfect and it really makes me want to change my hair And dye it blond like this Let's see the next one

I really wanted to try this, OMG I've never had a hair color like this in my life I want to see how this looks Wow It's like a real hair Let's see Clau with a pink hair What can I say? Nothing! I unconsciously knew that this wasn't for me I'd give the wig a 7 But for me

It's 1 for me What do you think? I don't like it I have another one here I'll leave the picture here

It was a asian girl And I wanted to look like this I've never had a short hair with a bang Let's see I look like dora

It's not that bad! I'd give this a 6 Now let's check out this one Look at the color! It's a unicorn It's really pretty! I'd give this a 10 Just kidding, I have to wear it first

Wow I just realized that I should never have hair like this No I mean look at this guys It's pretty but it's not for me I'd give the wig a 8 because it's really pretty But it doesn't look good on me Clau, take that off right now! Now it's the last one! This is the last one! It's like Jennifer Lopez

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This wig is not for me It's really bad I like the color and the texture but It has a weird thing on the top

And what's more, the hair falls out I'd give this a 4 It's not good It doesn't worth the price But the color is really pretty

I don't know I just realized that it's a bit like a blond hair But it's a brown If one day you see me with a hair like this, you'll know that it's a wig I really like this wig

But this J-Lo one is not good This was everything for today! I really hope you enjoyed! If this gets more than 70,000 likes, I'm gonna do a second version But with cheap ones vs expensive ones Now I upload videos every tuesday and friday! Remember to subscribe! See you next time! Love you guys!

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